Ok we all see those girls on instgram with the best rooms, that are always tumblr ready. Well today im going to show you 10 DIYS that are cheap, fast and easy ways to liven up your room!!

1.Fairy lights

This is probably the easiest way to make your room x5000 cozier, and you can go crazy with them!! I have some around my bed but im considering putting them everywere

im not even kidding….everywere.

2. Tumblr photo display

Ive seen these all over tumblr and they are super cheap. At first i was worried that you needed a polard camera to get the effect but all you need is printer paper cut out into the shapes, and amazing pictures and ta da!! You’ve created an amazing way to displpay all your favorite memories

3.Succulent Gardens

Ive seen these al over tumblr and i was trying to hunt down how to make them, as they were selling on Urban Outfitters for £30!! So i decided to make my own


-a glass container, any shape or size you like (check ebay for some super cheap ones)

-Fresh garden soil

-any kind of pebbles, rocks or gravel

-Sand (optional)

– any succlents you would like!


*Remember that the smaller the pot is and the less soil the succulent has, the quicker you need to repot in order to replace the soil.

4. Re-vamps your lights

Use your light bulb to create amazing shapes around your room at night. All you need is a dark colored sharpie, and you can let your imagineation run wild!! Ive yet to try this DIY, but i am super excited to try this out to make an amazing lighting effect!!

5. Create a chill-out den

Have a corner of your room you dont use, or anywhere in your house? This is perfect for a den, all you will need is some blankets, some cushions, food (optional, but a good choice) and anything to entertain yourself and ta da, welcome to your fort my queen

6. Re vamp old unused items

Have an old lamp thats been out dated since the 1840s? Or aold tacky jewerly holder you hate? One word. Spray paint. Im kind of obssesed with spray paint and it is one of the cheapest diys.You can eveen go to on of your local second hand shops and buy really inexpensive kin kacks for your bedside table and just spray,spray,spray!!


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