1.Have an overnight movie marathon or series

Invite all your friends over to binge watch your favourite movies or series, this is amazing fun and doesnt cost anything if you already own the movies, you can honestly spend days doing this aswell, and you dont even have to shower!!!

Some great summer movies are:                                                     Amazing series:

Clueless                                   Step Brothers                                  Teen wolf                   Vampire Dairies

10 Things i hate about you      Perks of being a Wallflower             Orange is the new black      Pretty Little Liars

Grown Ups                               Hangover                                        AHS                           The Originals

Harry Potter (all of them duh)  Anchor Man                                     Friends                      That 70s show

Gossip Girl                 90210

2. Go on an adventure

Find a beach or even if you find nothing you will stay have a laugh with your friends!!

3. Have a car wash to fundraise for a club or charity

This one can acctually help you make money!!! Which is always a bargin and if the weathers good this is a perfect idea

4.Catch lightening bugs or fireflies

I remember doing this as a kid and it is still fun as a teenager( trust me)

5. Do food challenges with your friends

Play the cubby bunny challenge with or friends or just make disgusting drinks for your friends, trust me this is the funniest thing to watch

6. Play paint twister

Ok now this one costs a little money, but all you need is a twister set and paint in the colors of the board. This one gets messy but you can always go to the beach after!!

7. Voulnteer at your local animal shelter

This is seriously fun as your hekping out your local community while getting to cuddle cute animals all day?? yes please!!

I hope these idea helped you guys incase you get bored during the summer

Hope you all enjoy your last few days of school

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